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My art work and music is about my love of and connection to nature. Immersion in nature with my video camera or stills camera focuses me into the moment and presence. I notice things with greater depth. The light dancing on the leaves, the shadows moving over flowers, the sounds of the birds and wind. A greater awareness opens as I become still and silent. Presence becomes known. The subtle world opens. My perception deepens. I become aware of the depth and beauty of our world. I try to capture this awareness through my video arts works and music. In nature music inspiration comes quickly. Melodies will often show themselves spontaneously. With my guitar in hand I can quickly compose a song with chords and melody and record it in its rough form then and there. I work with my husband Pete to create these musical soundscapes and we call it Essence of Place. Through our connection to nature and earth and a deeper awareness the essence of a place is felt, and through our music expressed.
I work professionally as a film and documentary maker as well as a musician, composer and recording artist. Through the recording process of music I discovered my unique way of editing video. Recording music requires the different instruments, vocals and sounds to be recorded in layers. This process is called tracking and mixing. With mixing each of these layers is placed within a space, I do a similar method with my video art work. Its a cross pollination of mediums and techniques. The layers of video invoke the subtle world landscapes. An alchemy takes place with this layering that is revealed when I stop and see the magical landscapes revealed in individual frames.
Nicky De Gruchy