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Nicky is an artist, musician and sound therapist who draws inspiration from nature for creativity and healing.
She has a Degree in Fine Art, majoring in ceramics and photography and is a practicing artist exploring digital art, video, sound, voice and music. She has a passion for creating audio visual art works that explore the Essence of Place, the mystery and wonder of nature, spirit and earth.

For many years she has worked in a variety of creative ways within her community in schools, with elderly citizens, youth, people with special needs and youth detention centers as artist in residence with music and art and arts grant projects. She has also worked with environmental organisations such as Bass Coast Landcare Network, Clean Ocean Foundation, Most Significant Change stories Victorian Landcare Network, Country Planning Interviews with first nations people in film and documentary making.

Nicky works as a singer and musician writing and performing original music with her husband Peter. Together they have a duo called Little Oberon and have played at many events and festivals around Australia. They have released five albums, their latest is called "Essence of Place" and explores music as soundscapes for relaxation and connection to nature. This album also has a video component and is the culmination of many years work, going to locations around Australia and writing music in-site directly from the spirit of that place.